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See recent land sales in the AgLand Market Report below.

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See AgLand Market Report Update below
Map of the Nebraska Panhandle.

AgLand Market Report Update

Last updated April 17, 2019

  • Banner County - View Details - 413 acres of grass sold for $484/acre; 633 acres of grass sold for $474/acre; 326 acres with 83 grass acres & 228 dryland acres sold for $613/acre.
  • Box Butte County - View Details - 160 dryland farm acres sold for $1,050/acre with $15,780 of improvements. 898 acres with 607 grass acres and 288 dryland acres sold at auction for $610/acre.
  • Cheyenne County - View Details -137 dryland acres west of Dalton sold for $1,055/acre; 160 dryland acres NW of Sidney sold for $563/acre; 145 grass acres on the east side of Sidney sold for $552/acre.
  • Dawes County - View Details - No new sales since my last update on 3-19-19.
  • Deuel County - View Details - 558 acres with 523 dryland acres & 22 grass acres 7 miles N of Chappell sold for $655/acre.
  • Garden County - View Details - No new sales since my last update on 3-19-19.
  • Kimball County - View Details - 624 acres W of Bushnell with 270 pivot irrigated acres, 15 dryland acres & 337 CRP/grass acres sold for an average of $1,402/acre. If the dryland & CRP is valued at $550/acre, then the irrigated would be $2,523/acre. Also, 160 acres dryland farm S of Kimball sold for $401/acre.
  • Morrill County - View Details - 146 irrigated acres sold for $2,807/acre 7 miles NW of Bridgeport. 80 acres NW of Bayard sold for $2,063/acre and has 37 irrigated acres, 36 grass acres, 8 acres waste and $20,160 of improvements.
  • Scotts Bluff County - View Details - 160 dryland acres sold for $413/acre 5 miles S of Morrill. 80 irrigated acres sold for $2,374/acre 1.5 miles W of Melbeta and included $21,731 of improvements. 77 gravity irrigated acres SW of Gering sold for $2,500/acre.
  • Sheridan County - View Details - 160 acres of grass sold for $630/acre 6 miles SE of Hay Springs.
  • Sioux County - View Details - 640 acres of grass just NE of Lake Alice sold for $425/acre. 160 dryland acres with $87,111 of improvements sold for $350,000 7 mi. E & 1 mi. N of Harrison. 159 irrigated acres NW of Morrill sold for $1,637/acre. 160 grass with trees 20 miles NE of Harrison sold for $415,000, including $121,329 of improvements. 


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As a service to our Sellers and Buyers, Sloan AgLand researches and reports Agland Sales for the 11 counties of the Nebraska Panhandle. This information is gathered from the County Assessor offices and other sources deemed reliable. Only sales of non-relatives of 70 acres or more are reported. If you have any questions or need more information about a sale, contact Jerry Sloan at (308) 631-5520 or Email: